Project: The City Is A Jungle !!

The Big Five Of The City 

Every big city/capital has his own big 5. As if you go on safari into the real jungle. You hope to encounter, the so called: "big five". The lion, leopard, rhino, elephant

and buffalo. I compared these animals with big and prominent buildings in a city.

Every big city got their own: museum, central station, church, palace and theater. Here in my home town Amsterdam, I tryed to capture them all in an exciting way.

The Palace on the Dam, The Wester Church, The Rijksmuseum,

Theatre Carre and Central Station. 

Project: The City Is A Jungle !!

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Next to the big five, I see traffic lights and traffic signs been damage.

The city can be wild and is used by the people. Accidents happens.

We go to work or we go home. We go shopping or we visit places.

We have a goal for the day. Like a lion has goal on their prey.

I started this project. Because for some reason, I'm fascinated by traffic lights.

I work at night in the restaurant business in the center of Amsterdam. I live at the west side of the city. So every night, I cycle home through the dark. With the lights on of the city. One night going home I came a cross a damage traffic light. I made a picture of it with my phone. I wanted to make a photo, with my professional camera. But it was really late and I had to go home and back... I planned to do it the next day. That did not happen. The traffic light had been fixed. That was a lesson...

In photography some moments never come back. I felt very bad. A missed change. A few weeks later I saw another traffic light damage. This time I went home to get my camera. and I made a great picture. From there on the idea developed to do the big five of the city. Because the Palace was set in the background of that damage traffic light.

And... how tired, far, drunk, or on my way home...

I return to the damage traffic lights, and make the best picture I can.

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